Alert Manager Enterprise comes with a broad set of features out of the box. Feature Packs are available to provide even more functionality.

EventManagement Illustration

Event Management

Keep an overview of all triggered Alerts with our Event Summary. Easily assign events to users and manage event statuses.

Illustration of Workflow Action

Workflow Actions

Use any Splunk Workflow Action for your investigations, from GET and POST Requests to Drilldown Searches.

Illustration of Notifications


Automatically notify users about new events over channels like E-Mail, Slack, or Teams, or even trigger Splunk Alert Actions!

Custom Tags Illustration

Custom Tags

Need to classify your events? Create your custom tags with descriptions and links for further information.

Multi Rules Illustration


Have repeating maintenance windows or want to auto-assign certain events? Our Rules have you covered

CustomStatuses Illustration

Custom Statuses

Do you need other statuses for events? Add your custom statuses easily.


Was it a false or true positive?
Specify your resolution when closing an event!

Reporting Illustration


From Operation to KPI reporting, we've got you covered. Never lose oversight of how things are going.

Feature Packs

Need more functionality? You can enable our feature packs for Security and Service providers in a snap.

MultiTenancy Illustration


Are you a service provider and want to manage multiple customers simultaneously? Do you need Role Based Access Control? Our native Multi-Tenancy feature has got you covered.

Security Knowledge

Our feature pack contains essential security enrichment data to get you started. More exciting content will soon be available!

Security Knowledge Pack Illustration

Alert Management made easy.

Add an alert action

1. Add an Alert Action

Add our Alert Manager Enterprise Alert Action to your existing Splunk Alert.

Select a template

2. Select a Template

Select an Alert Template to define what should happen with the Alert.

Alert gets triggered

3. Alert gets Triggered

Wait for an Alert to be triggered and AME will convert the alert into an meaningful event.

Manage the event

4. Manage the Event

Open the Event Summary View and start managing the event.